studies show that i am a fucking idiot

Every year white people add 100 years to how long ago slavery was. I’ve heard educated white people say, ‘slavery was 400 years ago.’ No it very wasn’t. It was 140 years ago…that’s two 70-year-old ladies living and dying back to back. That’s how recently you could buy a guy.

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Sylvester Magee, the (probable) last American born into slavery died in 1971.

The last living child of former American slaves, Mississippi Winn, died in 2010.

Slavery in the territory that is now the United States lasted more than 330 years. We will be 330 years removed from slavery in the year 2195.

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um excuse me you shouldn’t be paying attention to anyone else






shrimp are referred to as an abomination four times more than homosexuality is in the bible

macklemore is writing a song about shrimp rights as we speak

when i was in the third grade i thought i was a shrimp because i could swim

And I can’t change
Even if I’m fried
Even if I’m barbecued

o my god



The Living Cube by Till Könneker

I moved into a apartment studio without storage room. So i made a minimalistic cube design with a shelf for my vinyl collection, my TV, Clothes and Shoes. On the cube is a guest bed and inside the cube is a lot of storage space. Remo from transferred my sketches very beautifully. My friend and Photographer Rob Lewis made this great photos. Info via Behance

I need this




Trying to be both Tegan and Sara while singing Call It Off.

Totally 😂💚

Trying to be both Tegan and Sara while singing On Directing.



do you ever just stare at someone’s mouth while they talk and you literally have to control yourself from kissing them because wow


remember that one time you called your teacher mom


do you ever check out someones blog and its pretty good and they’re hot and you’re like IM GLAD I FOUND YOU and then you never speak to them


live footage from the superbowl


live footage from the superbowl